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Are you looking to increase the productivity of your telemarketing agents? Now you can monitor and even barge into any phone call your telemarketing agents are on. Keep track of their calls and increase their talk time by up to 400%! Based on the open-source code and GPLv2 licensing call center software of VICIDIAL, the AUGUTECH premise based call center dialer is reliable and stable enough to support up to 120 lines of inbound and outbound call center traffic.  It is also scalable to support virtually any amount of agents.

This Predictive / Auto-Dialer has an integrated open-source SugarCRM feature that will allow you to keep track of every call center lead that is handled through this premise based dialer system.  Based on a stable Asterisk platform, this dialer system will display a full record of each client (contact history, pending sales, previous sales, sales stage, etc.) every time they call you or vice versa. It also has an integrated payment gateway where your agents no longer have to pull credit card info over the phone. Your customers will simply enter their credit card info into their touch-tone phone and get an instant approval (or decline) right then and there! The AUGUTECH predictive dialer system is very user-friendly and easy to set up.  In an effort to ensure that the AUGUTECH predictive dialer solution will efficiently grow your business, we will include tech support for initial system setup, configuration, and admin training of your system. 

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                    Vicidial Agent 

                  Vicidial Admin                                              SugarCRM

Here is list of just some of this system's capabilities:

  • Supports up to 40 stations at once
  • Handles inbound and outbound campaigns at the same time
  • Can be accessed remotely using  static IP address
  • Can send out a messages to your recipients and transfer you only interested people who press '1' using the Auto-Dialer feature
  • Gives you real time reporting of all campaigns
  • Gives you the ability to listen in, or barge in on any agent to help close deals
  • Ability for online dialer agents to call clients in succession from a database through a web-client
  • Ability to display a script for the agent to read with fields like name, address, etc. filled-in
  • Ability to set a campaign to auto-dial and send live calls to available agents
  • Ability to dial predictively in a campaign with an adaptive dialing algorithm
  • Ability to dial on a single campaign across multiple Asterisk servers, or multiple campaigns on a single server
  • Ability to transfer calls with customer data to a closer on the local system or a remote Asterisk server
  • Ability to open a custom web page with user data from the call, per campaign
  • Ability to autodial campaigns to start with a simple IVR then direct to agent
  • Ability to broadcast dial to customers with a pre-recorded message
  • Ability to park the customer with custom music per campaign
  • Ability to send a dropped call to a voicemail box per campaign if no agent is available
  • Ability to set outbound CallerID per campaign
  • Ability to take inbound calls grabbing CallerID
  • Ability to function as an ACD for inbound and fronter/closer verification calls
  • Ability to have an agent take both inbound and outbound calls in one session(blended)
  • Ability to start and stop recording an agent's calls at any time
  • Ability to automatically record all calls
  • Ability to manually or automatically call upto two other customer numbers for the same lead
  • Ability to schedule a callback with a customer as either any-agent or agent-specific
  • Ability in Manual dial mode to preview leads before dialing
  • Ability for agents to be logged in remotely anywhere with just a phone and a web browser
  • Faster hang-up and dispositioning of calls with one key press (HotKeys)
  • Definable Agent Wrap-up-time per campaign
  • Ability to add custom call dispositions per campaign
  • Ability to use custom database queries in campaign dialing
  • Recycling of Busy calls at a specified interval without resetting a list
  • Dialing with custom Time-Zone restrictions including per state and per day-of-the-week
  • Dialing with Answering Machine Detection, also playing a message for AM calls
  • Multiple campaigns and lead-lists are possible
  • Option of a drop timer with safe-harbor message for FTC compliance
  • Variable drop call percentage when dialing predictively for FTC compliance
  • Internal DNC list can optionally be activated per campaign
  • All calls are logged and statuses of calls are logged as well as agent time breakdowns
  • Load Balancing across multiple inbound or outbound Asterisk servers is possible
  • Several real-time and summary reports available
  • Real-time campaign display screens
* Server comes equipped with a 2 NAT ports for SIP or VOIP configuration. PRI T-1 and Analog connections will require a different connection card and configuration which can be provided upon request at an additional fee.

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